Friday, August 26, 2016

Rainbows Of Magic

There is a magnificent place with rainbows of magic.

That place is the Yosemite Valley, and it is said that when a loving wish is made during a rainbow, magically it comes true.

Valerie was heartbroken, when what she believed was the love of her life left her for another woman.

"Never could there be another man so special," she thought to herself, as her tears ran down her cheeks. "I wish my broken heart would heal," she said in the midst of the rainbow.

At that moment, Phil stood alone, tears running down his cheeks, as he too had been left for another.

"I wish to meet the woman of my dreams," he thought to himself as he stood beneath the rainbow. "A woman who will value me, as I do her."

Prior to the rainbow, the heavy rain had made the rocks surrounding Yosemite Falls very slippery, and Valerie was afraid to climb down without assistance.

"Can you help me," she called out to a man standing far below her. "I'm afraid of falling."

"Of course," Phil replied, as he climbed the rocks to reach her. Soon, he took her hand, and carefully guided her to the safety of the path below.

As the couple began to get to know each other, they continued to hold hands.

A year later they got married, and recently Valerie and Phil celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, with their family and friends.

Could those rainbows of magic answer your loving.wishes? There is only one way to find out, as Yoemite and all of its magnificence awaits you.


The title, "Rainbows Of Magic" came from my friend Mary Ellen Schesser. 
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