Friday, August 4, 2017

A Value Greater Than Gold

Placerville, near Sutter's Mill, is where the 1849 California Gold Rush began, and today, many people believe there is much more gold there, awaiting discovery.

One day, Charlie a geology professor, and his wife Abby visited Placerville.

While staring into a shallow stream, Charlie picked up a bright, glittery rock. As a geologist, he knew instantly it was gold, worth thousands of dollars.

Gripped by gold fever, they sold their home, and bought a Placerville cabin.

There each morning, with a little handpick, Charlie began chipping away in an old abandoned mine, while on their property, Abby planted fruit trees and a vegetable garden she nurtured.

Later in the day, they would walk together along the trails through forests and along river banks, or meadows, under the bluest of skies, the air fresh and pure.

At night, they shared each other's company in front of a roaring fire or in town among the many friends they made, enjoying good food and good times.

Years later, after Abby and then Charlie passed away, a realtor arrived to sell their cabin and donate the proceeds to charity as requested in their will

She was joined by their friends, one of whom remarked, "They were sure great people, but it's too bad Charlie never found gold."

Just then, the realtor called to everyone. "Look here in the closet, there is a vast fortune in gold. Many millions of dollars worth."

With it was a note from Charlie that read, "Abby and I found something far more valuable than all this gold, the proceeds of which we request also go to charity."

"We found love, beauty, happiness, good health and good friends, the value of which no amount of gold could ever equal. Thank you to everyone. We love you."

Charlie left no treasure map so no-one knows where he found all that gold, and now many people look for gold in that area.

"I wish we could be rich like Charlie and Abby one gold seeker said loudly.. "But you can," replied a woman who heard his words.

"Just live like they did and you too could be as rich as Charlie and Abby, even if you never find an ounce of gold."

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