Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The End Of Wars

God called a meeting of angels to address an urgent issue. "On earth, mankind continues to kill itself, and I'm sick of it."

"How can we get people to stop fighting wars?"

The angels raised various ideas, but those ideas had all been tried before without success. Then from the back of the room an angel softly spoke:

"Only one thing will work," said the angel. "Testicle removal. Each leader must surrender his testicles upon taking office, for wars are testosterone contests."

"What about female leaders," asked God.

"Men seldom allow women to have power," replied the angel. "But when women do take control, they value life and rarely waste it in wars."

"And no woman has ever committed mass annihilation," added the angel. "No Nukes, no Shock and Awe, no Napalm."

"Then it is settled," said God. "We'll try testicle removal and female leadership."

"But if that fails," added God. "We'll take planet dominance away from mankind, and give it to the dogs, for there is no more beloved or wiser species on earth."

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