Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Healing Chair

Famous the world over is The Healing Chair in which crippled or sick or injured people come one after the next to be healed.

As each person is gently placed into this oversized soothing green chair, the chair is adjusted to make them as comfortable as possible.

Then the renowned healer Bascom, a 40-year old man, softly places his hands on their shoulders and invisible energy passes from his hands through their bodies.

After 20-minutes, people arise from the chair, often miraculously pain free, and no longer crippled or sick or injured.

When asked how these miracles occur, Bascom replied, "The secret to The Healing Chair, and to my skills is this:

"All healing is based upon love."

"The healing comes from the spiritual realm, where all love and healing originate."

"My role is to channel that love while the chair's role is to cradle them physically and reflect that love more intensely into the person hoping to be healed."

"Open your heart, and come to us in love and peace and the chair and I will do everything we can to appeal to the spiritual level to heal you."

"We await you in one of the most powerful forms of reality, your imagination."

With Love To All ~ Dick

This Fable was inspired by my friend Mary Ellen Schesser who dreamt of The Healing Chair in remarkable detail and assisted in the writing of this story.
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