Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why Me?

"Why me," Jeri cried out, as she ached over the loss of her mother who recently passed away. "Not only did I lose her, but I have lost so many people in my life to death." But as the tears ran down Jeri's cheeks, she heard a voice call out to her.

"You've never lost anyone at all," the voice said softly to her. "Death is but a part of life, simply a point of transition, much as a caterpillar transitions into a beautiful butterfly and takes flight into the gentle breeze.

"What you had was the joy and influence of each person's company," the soft voice continued. "Their transition is not a tragedy for you but a blessing for them. The joyous memories of each person that lovingly touched your life still live in your heart and in theirs.

"Their passing doesn't make you a victim but instead, a beneficiary of all the good they brought to you. One day, you too will make that transition and when you do, hopefully your loved ones will not feel victimized by your passing but celebratory about your life and their love for you and the happy times you were together."

As Jeri listened to the voice, her tears were replaced by a smile as she thought about some of the good times she and her mother shared. And she felt relief that her mother would bear no more of the pain this life can bring.

"Thank you mother," she said aloud, suddenly overwhelmed in gratitude. "And thank you to each of you who brought such love and joy into my life. You will live on in my heart, and as I think of you, it will be with all of the joy and warmth the memories of our time together can provide.

"I didn't understand how precious that time was but I do now and I feel a warm glow inside, like that of a roaring fire that drives the cold away on a winter's day. Thank you to each of you for having been a profound gift in my life."

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