Monday, March 4, 2013

How Can I Be Happy When The World Is So Sad?

"How can I be happy when the world is so sad," Jerry asked his friend Sid. "It's very simple," Sid replied. "All happiness starts with the smile of a single person and then it spreads, person by person, smile by smile.

"The alternative," Sid continued, "Is to do nothing and let the world frown as it wallows in its own sadness. Is that what you would prefer?"

"No," answered Jerry as he suddenly realized the power he and every other person has to uplift the world. "I'm going to smile and be happy as I rejoice in the precious gift of life. As I do, person by person I will lead the world down a happier path."

And so it was from that moment on, while sadness continued as it always had, the world had found a savior, the one responsible for each of its smiles and the warm glow of all of its happiness. For it was that happiness in abundance that made the world a far better place, one able to balance its sadness with the joy of life.

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