Sunday, April 14, 2013

"You Can Never Be What You Never Were"

"You can never be what you never were," said the kindly 94 year old mystic to his students. "And what you never were was dead."

"Life does not come into being from nothing," the mystic continued, "Nor at the end of a life span is that life extinguished. Instead it has been documented in depth from many near-death experiences that when a life span ends, spiritual beings are there to lovingly greet the newly departed.

"And the newly departed can also witness the scene of their departure, painlessly looking down at an accident scene or at a hospital bed or at any other place of departure.

"Unless the departure was premature and that spiritual being is returned to the body, that body begins its decay, becoming once again a part of the earth from which it came.

"So why fear death," the mystic asked with a smile. "When it does not really exist.

"If there is anything to fear, it is to fear a life poorly lived and one lacking in love and compassion. So my students, please make the most of this precious gift of life while it is yours to enjoy and offer love and compassion at every opportunity."

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