Thursday, March 6, 2014

An Amazing Career Change

52 year old Jill sat in her tiny cubicle, lost among a giant room filled with tiny cubicles, anonymous to the executives of the company that employed her for the last 30 years.

It was never supposed to be this way.

When Jill graduated from college 30 years ago, she came out ready to set the business world on fire. She was determined to become the first female executive in this company, become a leader in her industry and an excellent example for other young woman to follow.

But 30 years later, she was the proud mother of two grown children, both on their own, and neither of whom needed her any longer in their daily lives. Her husband Bob had a small business of his own and he too was often independent of her.

As Jill sat in her cubicle in front of a computer screen as she did each day, she became depressed, thinking that in the business world, what she is now is all she will ever be.

But then something happened.

As she arose from her chair, Jill bumped the left side of her head on the overhead metal filing cabinet. She quickly sat back down to regain her wits. It was then she noticed her mind was different.

That bump awakened something and suddenly her mind was filled with energy and ideas.

No longer able to inhibit herself as she had for so long, Jill began speaking to all those around her sharing great ideas she never knew she had. In fact, she didn't have them before the head bump.

Of course those ideas and her new found assertiveness got everyone's attention and soon Jill was welcomed into the executive suite to share her ideas with top management, none of whom had ever heard of her before.

Promotions quickly followed, and Jill, who was now amazingly smart, found herself with a corner office in the executive suite, one of the highest ranking executives in the firm. No major corporate decisions were made without everyone wanting to know what she thought.

Jill had become a business Titan, rumored to become the next CEO.

How could this have happened? Science has long known that a blow to the left side of the brain can make some people far more intelligent.

The reason is the brain endlessly records and stores everything it encounters and with a blow, all the brain's stored information becomes readily accessible, as the person can become a human encyclopedia.

Whether for Jill or for anyone else, this means a dramatic jump in intelligence is just a simple head blow away.

And in Jill's case, she did subsequently become the CEO and Chairman of The Board, a leader among leaders, and an inspiration to all who met her.

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