Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Gift Of Life

Dear Reader, The following Fable is based upon a real life story:

Herbert was 93 years old and was in the beginning of congestive heart failure. He was frail, and had so little energy that he could barely walk beyond his apartment.

His family, which consisted of his daughter, her daughter and her husband and two early teen sons were with him most evenings and on weekends. And he now had round the clock caregivers who came and went, all of them compassionate Filipino ladies.

In his youth everyone called Herbert "Herbie" and he was often the leader at work and in his personal life, the life of the party. But at 73, Herbert had a massive heart attack and stunned everyone, doctors included when he survived and then recovered.

But now at 93, Herbert's heart was beginning to fail, his breathing was labored and his death would not be far away.

Three years earlier, Margaret, Herbert's wife of 65 years had passed away and not a day went by that he didn't long for her.

But as his family would gather around him, he would sometimes raise his voice to just below a scream, saying "I don't want to die! I want to be here with my family!" However in a private conversation with his daughter, he said "I'm afraid to die."

Then one Sunday afternoon, Herbert felt particularly tired and slowly went into his bedroom to lie down. A gentle lady named Rose, apparently one of his caregivers, was there to greet him as she smiled and tucked him into his bed, adjusting his pillow to make him more comfortable.

She then sat down on a chair next to the bed.

"I don't want to die," Herbert murmured to her, his pending death very much on his fearful mind.

"Why do you fear death," Rose asked. "Because I don't understand it," he replied. "Is it the end, is there nothing more? Is there a heaven and if there is, is that where I'll go?"

With a smile, Rose took Herbert's hand in hers and looking into his eyes said, "You have nothing to fear. You have been living in an old frail body with all of its aches and pains and its increasing limitations. It was no life.

"Now you are being set free and once again being given the gift of life."

"I'm being set free," Herbert asked, just about to panic.

"Yes," Rose answered with warmth, as she helped Herbert out of bed. "Look," she said pointing to the bed where Herbert had just been.

As he looked, he saw himself appearing to sleep soundly.

Rose gave him a hug and said, "Herbert you have already passed away. I was sent here to get you and you passed away right after I tucked you into bed and adjusted your pillow.

"You never had reason to fear. Have you noticed how peaceful you feel. That is the beginning of a transition into a new life. You are done with that worn out body and I'm your spiritual guide here to take you to a wonderful and loving place."

Just then Herbert saw the presence of another spirit. It was Margaret and as a sense of joy came over him, she said, "and I'm here to join you again Herbie. I've missed you so much."

Herbert was overwhelmed with happiness and in spirit the three joyously departed to a far better place.

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