Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Fool

"The more I give, the richer I become," William told his many critics.

But most people in the town knew he was a fool, always donating most of his hard earned money to help those in need.

"What will you use to live on in your old age," said one critic. "Yeah," said another. "You're just a fool who people take advantage of."

"But you miss the point," William replied. "This money is a blessing given to me for my God given talents and opportunities. It isn't meant to be hoarded by me but to be shared with my brethren.

"If some people take advantage of me, that's all right.

"My intent is to help all that I can who are in need and if occasionally I get taken advantage of, it's part of the process.

"These people will have to live with themselves, for they took not from me, but from those in need."

"They'll live with themselves just fine," sneered a critic. "You see," said another critic to all the others, "He's nuts."

"Don't you see," William answered, while raising his voice so it could be heard above the laughter, "That when we die, we can't take any of this money with us.

"The real riches are those of the heart.

"Love and goodwill and generosity are of the heart and of the soul," William continued. "When we die, only our soul lives on. I want my soul filled with good works and charity when it passes on.

"I've been blessed to have enough money and I believe in my old age I will continue to have enough money. It is a matter of faith, which I know each of you as religious people can relate to."

"You're a fool," one of the critics shouted, and the other critics agreed, as they got up to leave.

In reply William said softly, "A single act of kindness can live through the ages."

But none of his critics heard him for they already knew he was a fool, and as so often happens among people, their minds were closed, their decision had been made and it was accepted by all.


"The more I give, the richer I become" and most of the rest of this piece came in inspiration 11/25/14 at about 6 am. Print Friendly and PDF

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