Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Purple Rose Of Palos Verdes

"Come to me," the purple rose whispered to each passerby. "For in my purple glow and in my scent, I am a tiny piece of heaven on earth."

But everyone scurried by, too busy to pay attention.

That is until Murray heard the whispering. He was hiking the hills of Palos Verdes, a coastal town near Los Angeles, seeking solace from the passing of Marge, his wife of 30 years.

It had been six months since her passing but in his pain, Murray could find no peace.

"Come to me," Murray heard the purple rose whisper, and in his grief, he drew close to the rose, not even questioning the fact that a rose could speak.

"I sense your sadness," said the purple rose. "What happened?" In response Murray poured his heart out to the purple rose.

"I am what you most need at this moment in your life," replied the purple rose. "Notice the beauty of my purple pedals. Now inhale the magnificence of my scent.

"This will help to heal your heart. For it is nature's medicine at its finest, a tiny piece of heaven that can help to restore your soul.

"It is why I am here. It is why the sun shines warmly from among blue skies and billowing white clouds. It is why Palm trees sway in the gentle breeze and why the ocean laps up onto the shore in a tone of relaxation.

"It is why butterflies abound, why snow flakes fall and why the stars shine.

"We are nature's miracle, painted by artists over the ages, each seeking to share the fulfillment their hearts felt as we captivated them.

"Yet we are here now, ready to captivate anyone who will give us their attention."

"You have my attention," said Murray gratefully as he admired the beauty of the purple pedals and leaned over and inhaled the rose's scent. "In this moment, I feel much better."

"I am glad," answered the purple rose.

"For as my beauty is shared with you and with others, my life's purpose is fulfilled, as I restore the soul and uplift the hearts of those seeking a tiny piece of heaven."


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