Monday, February 9, 2015

A Lady In Love

35 year old Anita, was a kindergarten school teacher and a would be writer who was desperate to find the right man.

For loneliness gripped her spirit and Father Time would soon prevent her from having the children she had always hoped to have.

One night in her bedroom, Anita wrote a description of the man she wished for. He would be 40 ish in age, and a doctor, one who loved children so much that as a doctor, he would be a pediatrician.

The man she wished for would devote himself to his wife and children, and would buy a pretty white cottage for everyone to live happily in.

That night, the light of a full moon lit Anita's bedroom and in that light, she softly prayed that this story book man would come true.

But as the weeks passed, there was no sign of such a man, and sorrowfully Anita let go of her wish.

Then one day, her school hosted a "Career Day," in which people of various professions spoke to the students about their professions.

To Anita's surprise, a doctor appeared. As he spoke warmly to the students, Dr. Tom turned out to be a 40 year old pediatrician, single and with a great sense of compassion and humor.

He was everything Anita had always dreamed of.

During the noon hour, Anita caught up with Dr. Tom, and over lunch, it seemed they had much in common, and the same hopes for the future.

Then with a smile Dr. Tom looked Anita lovingly in her eyes and said, "Don't you recognize me Anita? As a writer, you created me on those sheets of paper, and your prayer brought me to life.

"Now I'm here to be with you, and together we can make your dreams and mine come true."

When she got over the shock of what Dr. Tom had said, Anita was ecstatic. "I know in my heart you are the one," she proclaimed.

Starting that night they began to date, and Dr. Tom began sending her flowers, and poetry he wrote for her.

Anita was overwhelmed with joy and within weeks Dr. Tom proposed. Anita said "Yes," for in every way, he was a dream come true.

As a writer, Anita began to fill in other aspects of Dr. Tom's life, giving him wonderful parents, a successful medical practice and a kind and generous soul.

Things could not have been better, and Anita's life seemed perfect.

That is until one day shortly before their wedding, Dr. Tom sat down with Anita, and as tears welled in his eyes, what he said broke her heart.

"I'm sorry Anita," he began, "But I cannot stay. I must leave."

"But why," she pleaded.

"Because I'm a fictitious character," he answered. "You created me, but now I must go, for I've been told that I must return to the world of imagination."

"Please don't give-up hope," answered Anita, her heart aching and desperation now echoing in her voice.

"I will pray that you become real. You are the answer to my prayers, and through your kindness, the answer to many people's prayers. Maybe my prayers will again be fulfilled."

That night, as her bedroom was again lit by the light of a full moon, Anita prayed with all her heart.

But the next day, Dr. Tom was gone.

Anita could not reach him, and suddenly it was as if he and his family had never existed.

Anita cried night after night, until after two weeks, she resigned herself to never seeing Dr. Tom again.

Then one day, one of her little students became ill and along with his mother, Anita rushed him to the emergency room of a nearby hospital.

There the medical staff worked on the child but his condition grew worse, and Anita quietly prayed for his recovery.

Hooked to various machines, all of a sudden the little boy's blood pressure dropped sharply and lights on the machines flashed and a deafening alarm went off.

It was a Code Blue emergency, with the child's life hanging in the balance.

Just then, a special doctor rushed in, and began to work feverishly on the child.

Moments later, the lights dimmed and the alarm stopped. The little boy had been saved by this heroic doctor and the medical staff was elated.

The little boy's mother and Anita were invited in, and as a pandemonium of joy enveloped the room, Anita recognized that heroic doctor.

It was Dr. Tom.

Afterward, Dr. Tom and Anita went into an adjoining office where they could talk.

"Where did you come from," she asked, her heart pounding with excitement.

"I don't know," he replied. "All of a sudden I was just there with that little boy, and I knew exactly what to do to save him.

"Then when he was out of danger, I saw you, and I knew what had happened," he continued.

"Your prayers worked, and I was brought back to life, and at a time I was most needed.

"Because your prayers worked, I'm now here and unlike before, I am in every sense real.

"If you would still like to marry me Anita, I would like to marry you. I love you."

With those words he caressed Anita's face and then took her in his arms. "Yes," she whispered, "I want very much to marry you."

And shortly thereafter, they were married.

There is no such thing in real life as happily ever after, but they and their children lived in that pretty white cottage Anita had written of and as a family they found love and joy together.

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