Friday, March 27, 2015

What Makes You So Beautiful

"What makes you so beautiful," I asked a magnificent red flower on a bright sunny day.

"You do," she replied. "And this is true for everyone else who sees me, because it is in the mind that all beauty exits.

"My purpose is to beatify the world," she continued, "And if no-one sees me, my purpose is lost, for I become invisible.

"But if you and others see me, it is heavenly knowing my purpose is being fulfilled and the world is made a little my presence.

"Please tell others that there are flowers everywhere that are just like me, ready to capture hearts and uplift spirits if only we are given the chance."

"I will," I promised her, "Hopefully people will respond, for the joy in seeing you is irresistible, and can't help but touch the heart and uplift the spirit."


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