Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Dog, A Hog And A Blog

Dogs and hogs are highly intelligent and able to communicate with us as people.

But until now, they couldn't express themselves on the Internet. That is until my dog Dodo and my miniature hog Herbie had their ideas and feelings put online.

What ideas and feelings did they have to share? Love, compassion, forgiveness, joy, spontaneity and a bark and a snort, all of which I was happy to post.

But my neighbor Sid said, "This is ridiculous. Of what value is anything a dog and a hog have to express.

"You might be right," I replied as I turned on the television news. "Oh my God," said Sid, as he watched a continuous flow of mayhem. "Turn the station!"

On the next station was something about vicious housewives, and the station after that an action movie filled with explosions, car chases and shootings.

We kept changing stations and Sid began to look sick, staring at commercials and old reruns.

We then went to the Internet and began reading about our political system being destroyed by anyone that didn't agree with the hosts of the blog.

The next blog featured pornography and another site preached hate in the name of religion, while a third site wanted to manage our money before it was "too late."

"Well, what do think Sid," I asked.

"I think," he answered, "A blog with a dog and a hog looks pretty good to me."


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