Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ready Eddie

Ready Eddie is the most popular guy, everybody's friend, the man with a smile, a laugh and a funny story to tell.

"Why are you so popular," asked Goodtime Charlie. "I do all the things you do, but everyone wants to be with you."

"What's your secret?"

"Simple," Ready Eddie replied. "I'm there for people in good times and bad. While you, Goidtime Charlie are only there during the good times."

"During the bad times you are nowhere to be found."

"Everyone needs a friend," Ready Eddie continued. "And a friend is there in bad times, which are the times when a friend is most needed."

"But bad times are no fun," replied Goodtime Charlie. "And the laughs disappear."

"That's right," said Ready Eddie. "But when you're there during the bad times, you can help your friends through them."

"And you know what happens next? The good times return, and so do the smiles, the laughs and the funny stories."

"For that's what life is, good times and bad, and if you're not there for the bad, you can never fully appreciate the good, nor touch people's lives in so loving a way."

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