Friday, May 27, 2016

An End To War

Explosions shook the world around me with earthquake force and a blizzard of bullets killed or destroyed everything in their path.

One by one we soldiers were being killed or wounded in this, the Korean War (1950 - 1953)

It was horrible as the stench of death, of pain and of fear permeated everything around us, and I hoped the lessons from this war would prevent other wars.

This was how my dream ended.

Have we learned anything from the horrors of the Korean War?

No, not if measured by all the wars that followed, including today's wars. But endless wars are the history of mankind's entire existence and no amount of suffering has changed this.

Yet I believe mankind will evolve into being peaceful, compassionate and forgiving, based upon a foundation of love, for that is how each of us are when we are in a spiritual state.

But while in body to resolve our karmic issues, many of us become fearful, judgmental, selfish beings, who in fits of madness, are intent on destroying our fellow beings who share our journey.

Because most of you will have trouble believing wars will end, this piece is posted on Fables. But mankind will eventually see its oneness with all of life and treat life with the reverence it deserves as we at long last, make this place a little piece of heaven.


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