Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why Worry About Death?

For all of his 68 year life, Frank worried about death. Would it hurt? Where would he go? Was this life all there would be?

Then one day Frank awoke surrounded by Angels. "Where am I," he asked.

"Where you have always been," an Angel replied. "With us."

"You see Frank," the Angel continued, "We made your life's journey with you. And last night you had a stroke and passed away."

"You knew death is part of life and that everybody dies, yet you worried."

"Are you feeling any pain?"

"No," he replied. "In my entire life, I never felt so much love, joy and relaxation."

"Then all of your worry was for nothing," said the Angel with a smile. "It all came from fear of the unknown."

"Do you think we would ever do anything to hurt you or hurt anyone else?"

"We are spiritual guides who watch over you, and protect you from everything but the karmic lessons you were meant to learn."

"Thank you very much," said Frank. "But what happens now?"

"We will join you in a place more beautiful than any you can imagine. There, your karma will be sorted out and your next journey will be determined."

"You have nothing to fear Frank. You and every other being has always been on a spiritual journey of unconditional love, and each of you will always be."

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