Friday, September 16, 2016

Saving A Little Blue Bird

The impact into her front window was so loud, it startled Mary. She ran outside and there below her window was a little blue bird.

He was flat on his back and not moving. But she sensed slight breathing, and fearful of neighborhood cats, she watched over him.

The day was cold, and as time passed, Mary's husband brought her a jacket.

Over the next five hours, Mary sat alongside this defenseless little bird, trying to keep him warm, and praying for him, at times with tears in her eyes.

It seemed hopeless and Mary's husband urged her to come inside.

But all of a sudden the little bird began to move slightly. His eyes opened, and as he stared at Mary, he softly chirped.

Then he arose and with a flutter of his wings, he slowly flew off.

Mary was thankful for the little bird's recovery, and thought that was the end of the story. It wasn't.

When Spring came, on the spot where the little bird had landed, a blue flowered seedling appeared and grew into a beautiful plant..

And each year thereafter, on that spot, another blue flowered seedling would appear, each different than the prior year's plant.

Was it the little blue bird dropping seeds there? Or might it be the bees or butterflies or the wind carrying those seeds? No-one could say.

But what was apparent was that nature, in all of its beauty, was rewarding Mary for her kindness in caring for that little blue bird.


This fable was taken from a real-life story by Kathleen Jacoby, "What We Do Makes A Difference" September 7th, 2016, on her "Seasons of the Soul" website.

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  1. did that story better than I did!! Thank you for always writing such inspirational and insightful views of life. You are a treasure!!