Friday, September 30, 2016

When The Butterfly Sang

Izzy was an ordinary gray butterfly, one who was homely, shy and small. But Izzy had a kind heart, and a special gift, a magnificent singing voice.

However, only his best friend Marty knew it because Izzy was too shy to share his singing voice with others.

Since they were catapillars, Izzy had had a crush on Isabelle, now a magnificent Monarch buiierfly, that all the male butterflies hoped to attract.

But in her heart, Isabelle always liked Izzy, because she appreciated his kindness to her, even as he was often too shy to speak to her.

Then one day, the great Monarch athlete Troy flew into her life.

He was handsome, witty and bold and as he had done with so many other lady butterflies, Troy swept Isabelle off her feet.

But Isabelle was special and soon the butterfly community was all aglow with the pending marriage. 

As the couple approached the alter, Marty told Izzy, "you must sing now with all of your heart, or you will lose Isabelle forever."

"I'm too shy," he pleaded to Marty."And look how big that crowd is, I could never do it."

But as the couple began taking their vows, suddenly the most beautiful operatic voice captivated everyone.

As he sang, Izzy opened his heart to express his feelings for Isabelle, telling her how much he had always loved her, words he had never before had the courage to utter.

As Izzy sang, the ceremony stopped, and soon Isabelle's heart fluttered, as she apologized to Troy, moved away from him and wrapped her golden wing around Izzy.

Today, Isabelle and Izzy are the proud parents of cute caterpillars, and Izzy sings lullabies to them as he tucks them in at night.

But he saves his most joyous voice for Isabelle, as each night he sings his love to her in poetic words that flow easily from his heart.

With Love To All,

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