Friday, February 17, 2017

The Wizard Of Willowby

Mayor McFuddyduddy of the quaint little seashore town of Willowby, is a short, chubby and very friendly man, who wears pink bow ties and is liked by everyone.

But he is not known for his achievements. "If you want no change McFuddyduddy is your man," the townspeople would say.

Then one day, everything changed.

Suddenly, the town square had flowers blooming as far as the eye could see. A new community center began being built, as was a new college.

Even city hall was repainted in bright, cheery colors.

"This is great," said the townspeople. "But where are we getting the money to pay for for all of this?"

"It's no problem," replied Mayor McFuddyduddy. He motioned to an 11-year-old boy to join him on the stage.

"Hi, I'm Corey," the boy boomed into the microphone, as he stood on his toes so everyone could see him.

"The money is coming from sources I found while helping Mr. McFuddyduddy."

"Like many towns Willowby signed over the oil and mineral rights under its ground to giant energy companies."

"For many years, those companies profited from those rights but never shared those profits with our town."

"I told Mr. McFuddyduddy about this, and with his permission, I called each of these companies, and using a megaphone, spoke in my loudest voice."

"It was as if they had heard a great Wizard," Mayor McFuddyduddy added, "And soon the money came poring in."

"The lesson," Mayor McFuddyduddy said, "Is to trust in our young people, for they are wise in ways we adults loose as we grow older and become cynical.

"Corey and his friends will now be a fresh voice of optimism and change, for after all, it is they who in the future, will live with the decisions we make today."

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