Friday, July 14, 2017

The Wisdom Tree

For a thousand years, The Wisdom Tree has survived and prospered and offered its secrets to those who would listen.

"How do you survive hurricane winds," asked Jackie.

"By sending my roots deep within the soil," answered The Wisdom Tree. "Most living beings think shallow, but I plan for tomorrow as well as live for today."

"How do you survive drought," asked Peggy.

"By sending my roots far and wide," answered The Wisdom Tree. "Somewhere, there is always a source for whatever is needed if we look far enough."

"How do you survive flooding," asked Timmy.

"By not drinking more than I need," answered The Wisdom Tree. "Most of life's troubles come when others take more than is necessary."

"How do you survive fires," asked Rachel.

"By saving some water within," answered The Wisdom Tree. "My savings rescue me, even as some of my branches burn. Then I regenerate myself each Spring in the rains that follow."

"How do you survive bugs," asked Molly. "By making them my partner," answered The Wisdom Tree. "They devour my rotting foliage, so that I can make new and healthy foliage."

"What about the birds and the squirrels that live in your branches," asked Cindy. "Their droppings fertilize my soil," answered The Wisdom Tree.

"You see, success in life is always about balance," continued The Wisdom Tree. "You take only what you need and you offer the rest to others."

"As they prosper, so will you, and with the passage of time, you will all grow wiser from the lessons you learn."

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