Friday, July 7, 2017

When Time Stopped

"I don't want to get a minute older," thought Cindy, fearful of aging. "I wish I could stop time."

Just then, her grandfather clock stopped ticking and time stopped.

Cindy turned on her TV, and the screen was blank. She looked outside and all the people and the cars were still. Nothing moved. There was only silence.

She checked her cell phone for the news, and like her TV, it was blank.

Suddenly, Cindy felt lonely. "What purpose is there to my life," she thought. "Now that time has stopped, I have no-one to love, and nothing to do."

"When my life had purpose, I laughed, I loved, I forgave, I made mistakes and I grew wiser. Now, I just am, and no-one cares, not even me."

"I wish time would begin again." As Cindy had that thought, her grandfather clock began ticking, and there was activity all around her, and everywhere on earth.

"Now," thought Cindy with a big smile,, "I will age, but I will also have a life worth living, one with joy and with purpose, as life goes on and takes me with it."

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