Friday, September 22, 2017

Mirth On Earth

In the years after Adam and Eve had been thrown out of The Garden of Eden, mankind had formed several nearby communities.

Everyone was happy and life was good. There was mirth on earth. That is until one man changed everything.

He was known as Horrible Harold, for he always claimed war would soon come.

"How could that be," the people of the communities asked. "We all love and trust each other."

"Yes," Horrible Harold told each community. "But the other communities are stockpiling big rocks and slingshots and spears and knives to attack you."

"You too had better start stockpiling weapons," he warned them. And so in fear they did.

Soon every community was at war with what used to be their friends, and the good lives they led had been destroyed. There was no longer mirth on earth.

Years later, as Horrible Harold passed away, God said, "I don't want him," and the Devil said, "I don't want him either. He's too awful even for us in Hell."

And so Horrible Harold remained on earth.

As a result, over the centuries, the world has been plagued by war as Horrible Harold planted the seeds of mistrust and fear everywhere.

"The only way for people to live in peace," said God, "Is to ignore Horrible Harold and to love and trust each other again."

"Amen" replied the people of the world, even as Horrible Harold tried as usual to frighten them and lead them into war. And as they ignored Horrible Harold, peace prevailed and mirth on earth returned.

With Love To All ~ Dick
Thank you to my friend Kathleen Jacoby whose "The Planet Mirth" inspired the name of this story Print Friendly and PDF

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