Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Greatest Leader

With the world in turmoil, and people demanding new leadership, I went to famed professor Willis Blunderfield for answers. Here are his remarks:

“After every election, the new leader is a huge disappointment because those who voted for someone else are angry and claim the wrong person was elected.”

“And because the new leader is only human, soon he or she looks inept, which brings constant news media criticism.”

“Then what’s the answer,” I asked professor Blunderfield.

“The answer,” he said, “Is to elect people and stay politically involved rather than blindly turning over power.”

“But," professor Blunderfield added, "Politicians cannot agree because the voters cannot agree."

"So unless you want more terrible results, each of you must find a basis to work together, which makes the wisest, most diplomatic of you the greatest leader."

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