Monday, March 12, 2018

You Are God

“You are God,“ replied the great prophet when I asked him where to find God.

“How could I be God,” I skeptically answered. “I’m just a man.”

“God lives within every being, every element of the universe,” he stated. “You have always been one with God.”.

“But I make so many mistakes, and sometimes say or do hurtful things to others,” I said. “If we are one, why doesn’t God prevent this?”

“Because if God prevented it, you  and others would never grow,” he replied.

“If you want to find God,” he continued. “You must always look within. When you do, you will also discover that the Kingdom of God lives within you.”

“I’m not worthy,” I said, overwhelmed by his words. “No-one is at first,” he said. “But through many lives, and many mistakes, you will become worthy.”

“When you are worthy, you will join with others to make this a heaven on earth.”

With Love To All ~ Dick

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