Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Legend Of Blackbird Wilson

Blackbird Wilson was the toughest bird in our neighborhood. He was large and ornery and every other creature kept its distance. He was friendless.

Rumor had it he had even attacked a hawk four times his size.

Then one Spring day the tree trimmers arrived to thin the trees. This despite birds building their nests in which to lay their eggs.

Knowing this would wipe out a year’s worth of baby birds, Blackbird took action thrusting his body into the tree trimmers and pecking at their power-saws. Other birds soon did the same.

In anger, the tree trimmers packed up their equipment to leave. But one angry tree trimmer took out his gun and fired at Blackbird, hitting him fatally in the chest.

As his lifeless body lay before them the neighborhood birds sang in prayer for the blackbird they had feared in life but now loved in death.

And each Spring on the anniversary of that fateful day, all the birds gather to sing joyous songs in his honor, and retell his story as his legend continues to grow.

The Moral: Don’t judge others. Sometimes it just takes the right circumstances to bring out the best in them.

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