Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The King Of California

With such horrible unresolved issues confronting the U.S. and its largest state, California something had to dramatically change. And suddenly, change came!

Disgusted with the politicians, the people decided "anyone could do better" and by lottery, California selected a child to hold the new office of King or Queen, with each office holder being in charge for one year.

To my surprise, my seven-year-old grandson Ikaika won the lottery and prepared to take office.

Of course before he could serve, he had to get the permission of his parents and of his second grade school teacher.

Once in office, his first act was to make his favorite candy, M&Ms available to anyone who wanted them. "But not too many at one time," he said, "because it's too much sugar."

His second act was the Show Up Act, for he wondered, "how can legislators get things done if they adjourn all the time?"

"If I don't do my job, I get no allowance," he added, "and neither should they."

His third act was to bring Black Lives Matter together with the police unions and legislators for he knew that was the only way change would come.

“How can there be changes," he said, "if they don’t sit down together,“ adding “otherwise all those protests will be for nothing.“

Because he cannot spend more money than his allowance, his forth act was to stop the government from spending money it doesn’t have.

“If they keep borrowing money and spending it,” he stated, “There aren’t enough piggy banks in the state or in this nation to pay back all that money.”

His fifth act was The Pandemic Act. “We all want freedom, but there is no freedom if everyone gets sick and many die,” he remarked.

“Until the pandemic ends, you have to wear masks, there will be social distancing and proper disinfecting of facilities,” he said adding, “this seems obvious.”

And finally he stated, “We must all be nice to each other.”

“When we say or do nasty things in school, we get a time out. Adults should be more mature than us and treat each other better than they do.“

"Recently, I saw a Congressman get mad at a speaker in Congress and he kept making noise to upset this speaker and to distract everyone."

"He didn't stop, even when asked to do so."

"When I was 4-years-old, I did that in preschool, and got a long timeout. Nothing happened to this Congressman for his rudeness."

“If adults will just treat each other with respect and kindness and behave, we can all be happy together and solve our problems.”

With Love To All - Dick
Editor's Note: This incident with a misbehaving Congressman actually happened. https://www.politico.com/video/2020/06/24/rep-louie-gohmert-repeatedly-bangs-on-desk-to-disrupt-hearing-078931 Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Very nice story and we could and are doing worse!

    1. Kyle, I laughed out loud at your comment, but ironically there is truth in it.