Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Advice From A Golden Yellow Butterfly

Sunday afternoon as I stood in the warm sunshine among gorgeous roses in bloom, a golden yellow butterfly flew by flitting here and there, absorbing the magnificence of all that surrounded him. As I watched him, the following story presented itself:

"Life is awful," Enrique said to himself as he sat on a park bench in the bright sunlight next to a section of roses in bloom. "I've got so many problems I don't know when I'll ever feel happy again."

Just then a golden yellow butterfly flitted gently by and landed on a red rose near Enrique's right hand. As the butterfly looked at him, the depressed look on Enrique's face spoke volumes, as did his slumped posture.

"What's the matter," the butterfly asked. "Don't ask," Enrique replied, "Everything is wrong with my life."

The butterfly looked at Enrique in silence and then said, "My entire life as a butterfly is measured in weeks, that's all I have to live.

"That means I must make the most of the time I have, for it is too precious to waste.

"So I don't spend my time feeling sorry for myself, I celebrate what I have. Today I have magnificent flowers blooming in reds and pinks and yellows and whites and purples and their scent and their nectar await me.

"I have fresh air in which to spread my wings and many sights to see. I'm going to enjoy those many sights.

"Notice my frame of mind is positive, I don't dwell on my short lifespan or the other problems life casts."

"You don't understand," answered Enrique. "My girlfriend left me and I lost my job."

"Oh I understand all too well," the butterfly stated, "For I have come in contact with other human beings who think like you.

"You sit here among all this splendor, blind to its beauty while you feel sorry for yourself. Your problems are solvable. And even if they weren't you're missing so much of what life has to offer you.

"Why not rejoice and be thankful for this profound gift called life."

Just then, a lovely young lady walked by and smiled at Enrique. He felt his heart take a tremendous jump in optimism. Suddenly Enrique's spirits were uplifted as he realized his lost girlfriend wasn't the only fish in the sea.

The butterfly watched this transition and said, "Not only are there many eligible ladies out there you could meet, there are many job opportunities as well.

"The circumstances are the same as they were before you saw that young lady. Be happy or be sad the choice is yours. The only difference is now you've chosen to be happy.

"But here is the most important advice I can offer you: Your life is what your mind makes of it. Make it count."

And with that comment, a rejuvenated Enrique smiled, put a dance to his step and walked over and smelled the roses, new and exciting possibilities filling his mind.


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