Friday, May 16, 2014

Wog The Wonder Dog

Wog The Wonder Dog was the best friend of 5 year old Calvin, who discovered Wog when he first began staying overnight with his grandparents, a kindly old gent named Kent and a lovely lady named Sady.

Kindly Kent and lovely lady Sady bought a little trailer by the sea, and soon after they moved in they discovered Wog, a tiny dog, black and white, who made himself plain to see.

"Come live with us," they said. "To that we shall see," replied Wog with glee.

But even as he moved in with kindly Kent and lovely lady Sady, Wog was lonely, and he thought if only he wouldn't be lonely if a child and he could be. That child became Calvin and together they lived many an adventure.

What kindly Kent nor lovely lady Sady didn't know was that Wog could talk, a secret he shared only with Calvin as the two buddies became inseparable, living together in the trailer and venturing out to see what they could see.

Once when a toy boat washed ashore, Calvin and his first mate Wog pretended they were pirates sailing the seven seas. "Take the wheel," Calvin shouted, "And control the keel and take us to where Pirates used to steal, and buried treasure there shall be."

"Aye Aye Capain," replied Wog in a voice surprisingly deep for a tiny dog, but then how many dogs have voices at all. "We shall ride the ocean currents to Burrance and there we shall find our treasure true."

On the way they sung a pirate's ditty, one never in pity as their voices did ring in the happiest they did sing.

Another time, they went with kindly Kent and lovely lady Sady to a nearby park, and as the two buddies swung on the swings, they pretended they were flying high in an airplane. Suddenly Calvin announced, "Our plane is out of gas, we're going to crash."

"We must bail out," announced Wog with a shout," and from those swings into the soft white sands they did land, safe as can be as all could see.

The next Saturday, kindly Kent and lovely lady Sady took them to the pier. There the two buddies ate and ate, hot dogs, cotton candy and sugery pate until they could eat no more. "Have you had your sate, my friendly mate," Calvin's voice rang out.

"I ate my sate, my friendly mate," said Wog, "But at any rate, anymore would taste like bait and now it's time to go."

The years past and the buddies stayed true.

After college, Calvin opened a shop, where many customers would stop. Wog and he became business partners in thee and were happy as three for much business they did do.

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