Monday, December 15, 2014

When You Have A Good Heart - Anything Is Possible

"Congratulations on your 30 years with TWX," the robo signed CEO letter read, as Fred reached for the silver pin contained in the envelope with the letter.

"Actually, it has been nearly 32 years," Fred thought, as he sat in his cubicle in global aerospace giant TWX. "I remember joining this company shortly after I graduated from high school."

Now 50 years old, 20 pounds overweight and with a thinning gray hairline, Fred realized how fast time had passed.

When he arrived home that night, he shared the letter and the silver pin with Margaret, his wife of 25 years. "You realize Fred," Margaret replied, "Your job pays the mortgage on this lovely home and it pays the college expenses for both of our daughters."

Margaret then gave Fred a big hug and added, "You are a very special man."

That night Fred had trouble sleeping. For he knew his life was passing by very quickly and he had an impossible dream, a fantasy that could never be fulfilled.

Since he was 10 years old Fred secretly wished he could play for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.

But at age 50, 5 feet, 6 inches tall and with no athletic ability, that could never happen. Or could it?

Just then, Fred heard a voice whisper, "Meet me in the kitchen." At first, Fred thought it was Margaret, but she was sound asleep next to him.

"Meet me in the kitchen," the voice again whispered. "Who are you? " Fred nervously whispered back. But the voice again said, "Meet me in the kitchen."

Fred quietly slipped out of bed and walked to the kitchen, turning on a soft light as he walked in.

What he saw stunned him.

Sitting at the table was a woman in a flowing white silk robe, blue piercing eyes and long blond hair.

"Sit down Fred," she said with a smile. "I am your angelic being, and you are about to be granted your biggest fantasy.

"You are a good hearted man," she continued. "A man devoted to his wife and daughters and friends and to helping people in need. At TWX you lead every charitable drive there is. In your personal life, you always donate generously and anonymously to charities, never asking anything in return.

"Now the universe is going to reward you.

"Tomorrow morning, you will meet Mr. Boland, who you will discover has remarkable powers. He is going to speak with TWX management who will grant you a fully paid one year leave of absence.

"He will then take you to the pre-season Lakers Training Camp, which opens tomorrow afternoon. There, after he speaks with Lakers management, you will be given a tryout to make the team.

"You can tell Margaret about this in the morning, but no-one else. They will soon discover it for themselves. Now please go back to bed. You have a big day tomorrow and you need your sleep."

Early the next morning, Fred told Margaret what had happened. She looked at him incredulously and then after a moment of silence she said, "Fred if this comes to pass, I will be very happy for you."

Just then, there was a knock at the door. As Fred answered, he saw a man who appeared to be about 75 years of age, with gray hair, wearing a black suit, white shirt and a black tie and black shoes.

"I'm Mr. Boland the man said with a smile, as he shook Fred's hand. "May I come in."

"Yes please do," Fred replied. "This is my wife Margaret."

Margaret could barely find the words to speak, as she shook Mr. Boland's hand. "You're real," she stammered.

"I am," he answered with a chuckle. "It is nice to meet you both. Fred, shall we start our day."

That morning, Mr. Boland met with TWX management, and Fred was a granted a one year paid leave.

That afternoon, after Mr. Boland met with Lakers management, he met Fred in the locker room with a set of gym clothes in Laker colors, just Fred's size, as were the sports shoes he handed Fred.

"This is incredible," Fred shouted. But a few minutes later when he got ready to join the Lakers on their basketball court, he asked Mr. Boland, "What happens when I go on the court to play. Will I be embarrassed?"

With a smile, Mr. Boland replied, "We shall witness something very special."

As Fred walked onto the basketball court, the coaches had already briefed the team. Almost to a man, as they looked at Fred they began to laugh. "No way, is this a joke, who is this guy," and other such comments filled the air.

Meanwhile, Fred just stared up at these players, some of them so tall, he had to tilt his head all the way back to fully see them. .

"Give Fred the ball," the head coach shouted, and a five on five player scrimmage began, with Fred as the point guard on one of the teams.

And then as if by magic, Fred knew what to do and he had powers he had never dreamed of.

Fred passed the ball and it moved so fast, even he could barely see it. When Fred drove the basket, he sailed high in the air around the defenders and slammed it in.

When he was on defense, he blocked shots and anticipated where the ball would go, often stealing it and setting up for his team to score.

Now it was the Lakers players and coaches who were stunned.

For the next five days of practice, Fred repeated his incredible play-making. After the fifth day, Mr. Boland with a grin said to Fred, "The Lakers have offered you a one year multi-million dollar contract. Shall I sign it for you?"

"Absolutely," replied Fred, beaming with joy.

"But one other thing Mr. Boland," Fred continued. "Please donate the entire sum of money to charity. I am living my dream come true, and there are so many other people in need of their dream coming true. Please use the money to help them."

Now it was Mr. Boland who beamed with joy.

As for the Lakers, with Fred, the oldest player in league history as their all-star point guard, they had an incredible year and won the championship, with Fred named the league's most valuable player.

After the season, despite people all over the world calling for Fred to play another year, he humbly said, "Thank you. It was my great joy to entertain you, truly a dream come true. But my basketball career is over."

Right afterward, Fred sat down with Mr. Boland. "It is time to say goodbye Fred," Mr. Boland told him. You are such a good hearted man, it was my pleasure to be of service to you."

"I thank you very much Mr. Boland. I could never repay your kindness."

Then the two men embraced in a hug. "Please thank my angelic being," Fred said, and Mr. Boland assured him he would do so. "She already knows of your gratitude," he added with a smile.

The next day, Fred returned to TWX, but his old job was gone.

Instead, with all the publicity, TWX looked into his performance over the years for the company and promoted him into top management, with a large raise in pay.

That night sitting with Margaret, Fred said, "It's true what I was told, "When you have a good heart - anything is possible."

And then after hugging Margaret he added, "Now I will try to do even better, as my heart has been growing with love and joy."


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