Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Dialogue With God

Jerry didn't believe in God. "If You exist," Jerry would say, "Why is the world such a mess?"

"Why are there wars? Why is there so much brutality, poverty and ignorance, fear and heartache?

Why do You allow these things to happen?" But all Jerry ever heard in response was silence, from what he called, "The invisible God, the make-believe God."

Then one day when Jerry was in meditation, suddenly he heard a Voice.

"Is my existence less likely than your own," said the Voice. "Where do you think you came from? Where do you think all of life came from?"

"You asked why I tolerate all the horrors in this world," the Voice continued. "I don't tolerate them, you do. Frankly it sickens me.

"I gave mankind everything necessary to make a heaven on earth but you seem intent on destroying each other and the earth with it.

"The most important thing I gave you was each other, and my belief was that you would love and nurture one another, but for most of you, that proved untrue.

"So I treat you as a work in progress, evolving you and every other creature to become better than you are.

"That evolution takes place lifetime after lifetime, for I want you each to grow rather than expect a miracle from Me to alleviate you from your responsibilities.

"The world is now and will always be what you make it to be."

Jerry replied softly to the Voice, "What can I do, I'm just one person?"

"No, you're not just one person," the Voice answered. "You are all united on life's journey together.

"Today, be kind to someone else and watch how quickly your kindness spreads.

"Today, love someone else and watch how quickly your love spreads.

"Act now and act everyday with kindness and love and you will become what you were meant to be honoring the Me that has always lived within you.

"And seek Me in every other creature for I live everyplace, calling to each heart in the wisdom that one day you will all listen.


This piece was in part inspired by the movie comedy, "Oh God!" (1977), starring John Denver, George Burns and Terri Garr

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