Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Richest Man

Long ago in the Greek Isle of Rhodes ruled King Thebus, renowned in the ancient world for being the richest man, for his ornate palace, giant stadium, vast army and the greatest collection of gold.

"I am the richest man," he often proclaimed.

Among the thousands of people that would arrive at King Thebus' palace each week to serve this powerful King was Archemedes, a shoe maker everyone called Archy.

Archy was always so happy, as he smiled and warmly greeted everyone. "Isn't life grand," he would often say.

King Thebus was always dealing with major problems. Ongoing threats of war from other kings, potential palace revolts that could take his power and his life, and people wanting to steal his gold.

No-one could recall King Thebus being truly happy.

But King Thebus noticed Archy always laughing and singing and one day called him into the inner sanctum of his palace. "How come you are always so happy," the great King asked.

"Each day I awaken next to my beautiful wife, in our charming little home," Archy replied. "And we have breakfast with our children before they are off to school.

"Then I walk a flower laden path to your palace to do what I love, making and repairing shoes. There is no pressure and I get paid well for what I do.

"Meanwhile, I'm surrounded by lovely people, lovely because I see the good in everyone and forgive the bad," Archy continued.

"Then when it's time to go home, I lay my work aside and enjoy the walk home to my family, with whom I will spend the evening as we share the events of the day.."

"Thank you," said King Thebus as his staff escorted Archy out.

"What a foolish man," said an advisor to the King. "He doesn't know how poor he is."

"To the contrary," answered the King.

"He consistently finds love and happiness in his life and very little stress. All of the world's power and gold can never provide what he has.

"He is the richest man"


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