Friday, August 28, 2015

The Biggest Little Heart In The Barnyard

"I cried out in fear," said the little chicken.

"But why," replied the powerful rooster, bold and brave.

"Because I have not your courage," answered the little chicken. "Everyone is bigger and stronger than me."

"Then it is time I teach you one of life's great lessons," said the powerful rooster.

"Courage doesn't come from size, other than from the size of one's heart. All living beings are sometimes fearful," the powerful rooster continued.

"But when those that are seen by others as brave look into their hearts, they find the courage, while many others run in fright or never try in the first place, allowing fear to be their guide."

So it was, as the little chicken thanked the powerful rooster for his great lesson and walked off as if he was 10 feet tall.

Then one day a chickenhawk swept down from the sky and confronted the little chicken, wanting to make a meal of him.

"Not so fast," said the little chicken to the chickenhawk as he looked the beast in the eye.

"I am tiny. If you touch me, you will lose the respect of the other chickenhawks and of the whole barnyard. No-one will like you and you won't like yourself."

The chickenhawk seemed to ignore the words of the little chicken and said, "You better run because I intend to eat you."

But the little chicken didn't move and continued to look into the chickenhawk's eyes.

"You're crazy," yelled the chickenhawk, as he began to fear the little chicken's courage "Run!"

Still, the little chicken didn't move as he stared into the eyes of the chickenhawk.

"What does he know that I don't," thought the chickenhawk. "Look how brave he is. Maybe he is a great fighter and can hurt me.

The chickenhawk became more fearful of the brave little chicken.

"This is your lucky day," said the chickenhawk, as he flew away as fast as his wings could carry him.

Then the little chicken heard all the critters of the barnyard cheer his bravery.

"You see," said the powerful rooster, "It was the size of your heart and not the size of your body that made you so brave."

Never again did that chickenhawk threaten the other chickens, knowing that if he did, the little chicken would bravely step forward again.

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