Monday, August 3, 2015

A Chocolate Heart

To celebrate their first weeding anniversary, Gordon bought Grace a chocolate heart.

The young couple had little money but they had enough for a chocolate heart, which over candlelight, they shared together.

As the years passed, the couple prospered.

But Gordon always gave Grace a chocolate heart on their wedding anniversary, for it had become a romantic tradition they would share together over candlelight.

However, just before their 52nd wedding anniversary, Gordon gently passed away and Grace was heartbroken, for she had lost the love of her life.

When their wedding anniversary arrived, that evening Grace lit the candles and sat alone watching them flicker in the dark of night.

She felt alone in the world.

But then something caught her attention. Off to the side of the dining room table where the candles were burning, there was a chocolate heart.

Grace was stunned.

Then realizing there was only one person who could have given that precious gift to her, tears of joy trickled down her cheeks.

Grace savored this chocolate heart more than any other Gordon had given her, for in the candlelight she felt his presence, and no longer did she feel alone.

On their next wedding anniversary, another chocolate heart appeared, as their loving tradition continued.

For the rest of Grace's life, she heartily celebrated their wedding anniversary, for in each celebration a chocolate heart appeared in the candlelight.

Grace knew Gordon was with her, and she knew that she had remained Gordon's true love as he had remained hers.


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