Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hiding Love

"The love I feel is precious and personal," William said. "I can't just blurt it out any time I like."

"It is like gold," he continued. "I must hide it away." And hide it away he did.

But years later when William was on his death bed, no-one came to visit him.

"Where is everyone," William cried out. "I had love for so many people but none of them come to see me now when I need them."

"That's because they never knew you loved them," said the voice of William's Guardian Angel.

"You treated your love like it was gold and you locked it away, You became a love miser, a bitter old miser.

"You never listened to me when I told you love is to be shared, and shared often. If you lock it away, it doesn't grow more valuable, it withers away, invisible to other hearts."

"Guardian Angel, please help me. Don't let me die alone. Place my feelings of love in the hearts of all my loved ones. Let them feel what I feel for them."

The Guardian Angel looked into William's heart and saw the depth of love, and the sincere regret he was feeling.

Suddenly the darkened room lit brightly. The light was golden and it could be seen and felt for miles.

One by one people were attracted to the light and followed it to William's home. There they found a happy old man who welcomed each of them.

"I love you," he proclaimed to every person that arrived.

"We love you too," everyone said. "But we never knew how to express it to you for you never opened your heart to our feelings."

"I understand," William replied with a smile. "I'm thankful I lived long enough to tell you all how I feel, and that I could feel your love as well."

As everyone gathered around the bed, William smiled peacefully and closed his eyes.

"I'm ready," he whispered to his Guardian Angel.

In a heavenly chorus of angelic voices, William's soul left his body, and gently flew alongside his Guardian Angel.

As William looked back, he saw the many people his love had just touched.

"Next time I will make my love more abundant, and touch the hearts of others at every opportunity I can create," he told his Guardian Angel. "Now I understand."

This piece was in part inspired by my friend Mary Ellen's AngelScribe, "Universal Secrets." (10/2/15) Print Friendly and PDF

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