Thursday, September 24, 2015

The News: Two Days Into The Future

Throughout history, people tried to foretell the future, but never had it been done with success. That is until recently, when suddenly the future could be accurately foretold.

Here is what happened:

In the small city of Palos Verdes, the local newspaper, the PV News high technology printing equipment broke down and they couldn't afford to fix it.

In desperation, they found in storage their 60 year printing press, and having no other choice, they put it into use.

But the newspapers that were printed stunned everyone.

Each newspaper published events from two days into the future. Suddenly, there was all the news that was about to happen:

The catastrophes, the political and stock market results, the scores of the sports events and in the obituaries, who died.

At first people were thrilled and from all over the world, they subscribed to the online edition of the PV News. But what they soon discovered changed their minds.

Two days was not enough time to avoid many of those catastrophes, and people were constantly in a panic trying to avoid them.

Voters stopped voting, because they already knew the election results. This caused global political systems to breakdown.

Stockmarket investors now knowing the future prices invested in all the best stocks, driving the prices so high, they soon became unaffordable to all but the richest investors.

Meanwhile, the lesser stocks collapsed, putting the companies out of business and laying off all their employees, throwing the economy into chaos.

People betting on sports at first made a lot of money, but then worldwide sports betting operations shut down rather than absorb the losses.

Fans stopped watching or going to sports events because they already knew how they would turn out. It no longer made sense to even play the games.

Worst of all were the obituaries, in which everyone was afraid to search for fear they would see their names. Yet in fear, many did search each day.

As a result, the world leaders quickly met at the United Nations (UN) knowing they had to make difficult decisions. Here is what they decided:

The PV News would immediately stop using their 60 year old printing press and have it melted down so it could never be used again. In its place, the UN would provide new equipment.

And it was resolved that mankind would never again try to see into the future, for as we all learned, if it could be done accurately, it would lead to chaos.

Instead, we would return to what we as mankind had always done, live our lives with the challenges and rewards of uncertainty.


This story came to me in a dream overnight (9/23/15 - 9/24/15)

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