Monday, January 4, 2016

Serving God

"Dear God," Joanie said in prayer, "How may I serve you?"

Suddenly, a bright light filled the room, and then came a magical voice:

"You can serve me by your kindness to and forgiveness of everyone you meet," God replied.

"But what if I fail, Dear God," Joanie asked. "What if I'm unable to live up to the task?"

"Don't worry Joanie, you can't fail me, for I know your heart, and you would not have heard my voice if you were not up to the task. I never ask anyone to do what they're not capable of."

"Kindness and forgiveness must begin to engulf this world, and every movement in history started with one person."

"Now that person can be you Joanie, if you have the courage to act."

Joanie had that courage but as she tried, she was often rejected by others, who thought she was either naive or crazy, as they laughed at her, gossiped about her or told her to go away.

Even her Minister told her to get psychiatric help when she sought his support.

"Take heart Joanie," said God, "This is why I asked you to practice kindness and forgiveness, for that is what the world so desperately needs."

"I'm no Mother Teresa, no Gandhi, no Nelson Mandela," she said to God with tears in her eyes.

"Neither were they when I started with them," answered God. "They were just like anyone else. It was through trials and tribulations they grew into who they became."

So Joanie persisted, and with kindness and forgiveness she converted one naysayer into a friend, and then another and another. And they in turn did the same with others.

Person by person, the world became a better place, as people practiced kindness and learned to forgive.

At the end of Joanie's life, she asked God if she had achieved His results.

"You did Joanie," God replied, "And I'm proud of you."

"I never became famous for doing your work," said Joanie with a smile.

"Fame was never the intent in my work with you," God answered. "Uplifting the world was, and you did that."

"Most of the people who serve me never become famous, but they make a huge beneficial difference and I know who they are and what they did."

"That is the only fame that ever matters," God added.

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