Thursday, January 14, 2016

Turtle Trouble

There is a beautiful Hawaiian Island that is home to two groups of sea turtles, the green turtles and the brown turtles.

Despite the Island's large size, the greens and the browns both claimed a single sand dune saying it had historic significance, the sand dune their ancestors came from.

There could be no compromise, nor sharing of the sand dune both sides said as they often went to war with each other.

A turtle war meant throwing as much sand as possible, as fast as possible, on the opponent and for many years that is what they did.

Then one day, both sides realized they had thrown so much sand at each other, that their sand dune was disappearing.

One more big war and there would no longer be a sand dune to fight over.

"Well which is it," asked all the other sea creatures that lived in the area. "Can you share this sand dune with each other, or shall it cease to exist?"

"They must surrender and leave," shouted the greens, "Or its war." "No, it is you who will surrender and leave," answered the browns, as both sides lined up for war.

It was a tense moment, until the tension was broken by a faint voice which said, "I will move to the next sand dune."

That voice belonged to 100 year old Harvey, an ancient turtle whose ancestors were green and brown.

"In my long life," Harvey said, "I've seen far too much sand thrown. I don't want to see it ever again. I just want to live in peace."

Slowly, Harvey crawled off to the next sand dune, and pretty soon other turtles, green and brown followed him.

"We can't live in the past," said Harvey. "We'll make new traditions here on this sand dune."

"One of those new traditions," Harvey continued, "Will be that we will live together in peace, as we set an excellent example for future generations, one based upon love and respect."

And so it came to pass. The turtle trouble ended, as turtles finally realized they are one, regardless of color or conflicting views of the past.


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