Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What Is Life's Purpose?

Often fighting fear and frustration, Pete frequently asked, "What is life's purpose?"

He asked so often, that one night an Angel replied, "I'll answer your question."

Instantly, Pete found himself looking down on a desert, with the Angel alongside him. Everything was so peaceful and he felt immersed in love.

But in the desert was a dark pit, and the Angel said, "Pete, every spiritual being at some point enters the dark pit, a pit some people call earth, and there, take bodily form."

"The purpose is to learn valuable lessons in this dark pit's low level of existence, lessons that can be applied later in a higher plane."

"But because that dark pit is so treacherous and toxic, it was placed in a vast desert and we Angelic beings guide you through it, showing you the sweet and the sorrow."

"Everyone's time in the dark pit is brief. However, those who use their time to harm others will return perhaps many times, each time with an increased karmic burden."

"Remember this: that other than life itself, everything in the dark pit is an illusion created to teach. Those who crave power and money and fame are pursuing it in a world that doesn't really exist."

"Countries don't really exist. Race and religion don't really exist. Possessions and money don't really exist. These are just teaching tools."

"That's why when each person dies, everything is left behind. It was never real."

"But eventually, each person learns the most important karmic lesson of all, which is that life is a spiritual journey of unconditional love."

"The sooner they learn this lesson and put it into practice, the sooner they stop being reborn into the dark pit, as they move on to higher planes of existence."

"Pete, now that you know this, I hope you will live your life wisely. Remember, every kind deed, however small, does matter. And as you bring happiness, you will receive happiness."

"You have no reason for fear and anxiety. As we do with each being, we are watching over you. Everything will be fine, and it is as it was meant to be..

"When you accept what I've just shared with you, your fear and anxiety will shrink and you will put your thoughts where they matter most, learning to love yourself and to love and help others."


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