Friday, April 8, 2016

Why The Easter Bunny Became A Superhero

One day the Easter Bunny met with the most powerful agent in Hollywood, Mary Molly McGwire.

"Mary Molly," he said. "I need more work."

"Being the Easter Bunny is great but it is seasonal work and all year long I have the cost of all the chickens that lay candy eggs and rabbits that make chocolate bunnies."

"What I would like is for you to get me in a big movie with Superman. Maybe Superman versus Superbunny."

"There are two problems with that," Mary Molly replied. "First, you are already typecast as the Easter Bunny. Second, you're only two feet tall."

But the Easter Bunny persisted and finally Mary Molly said, "Okay, let me see what I can do."

Six months later the Easter Bunny starred in "Superman versus Superbunny." Most Hollywood insiders thought the movie would die, but audiences thought it was a comedy and they loved it.

Every time Superman or a bad guy confronted Superbunny, Superbunny was so fast and little, he would kick Superman or the bad guy in the touché or jump on his shoulders or toot his nose and give him a big kiss.

Having become a movie star, the Easter Bunny met with Mary Molly again. "I got some more ideas," he said.

"As an actor I have such a wide range," the Easter Bunny continued, "I could play Abraham Lincoln or Nelson Mandela or Gandhi."

"Okay," Mary Molly said. "Let me see wha I can do."

As a result dear reader, the next time you watch a movie or a TV show and the hero seems unusually short, read the credits.

It just might be the Easter Bunny in his latest role.

Or, if Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela or Gandhi is unusually short and kicks bad guys in the touché, you'll know the role is being played by the Easter Bunny.


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