Friday, June 10, 2016

A One Way Ticket To Shmuckville

Shmuckville is considered to be the worst place on earth, a place populated by obnoxious people with no sense of compassion for others.

"All aboard," shouted the conductor as the passengers boarded the Shmuckville Express.

"How did you get your ticket," asked one man to another. "I bought a pharmacy company that had exclusive rights to a cancer treatment drug millions of people need to live. I then tripled the price."

"What did you do," he asked in return. "I was on Wall Street and rigged the markets to make lots of money. I was never punished for it, that is until I was given this ticket."

Later, as the train reached Shmuckville, what they and the other passengers saw was a slum, and they heard gunfire and explosions as leaders fought for power.

"How could this be," said the first man. "We all made so much money, that we were the kings of the world. We bought or controlled everything around us."

"That's just it," replied the conductor. "Now you're in a place with people just like yourselves. No-one wants to work, no-one cares about the well-being of others and everyone wants to be in charge."

"No-one builds anything, no-one repairs anything and no-one sacrifices himself for the benefit of everyone else. There is just greed and endless war."

"Hey, we want outta here," hollered the passengers.

"Sorry," replied the conductor. "The only ones allowed to leave here are the crew and me, as we go back to get more passengers."

"Your only choice," the conductor continued, "Is to make Shmuckville a wonderful place. Until you do, this is your world."

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