Friday, June 24, 2016

Santa Claus And His Psychiatrist

Santa had been having some serious issues and although it was summer, he flew down on his sleigh to Beverly Hills to see Golda, his psychiatrist.

Outside the office tower where Santa parked his sleigh and reindeer, a big crowd quickly formed, everyone hoping to get a glimpse of this great man.

But behind closed doors, Santa began telling Golda his problems.

"Mrs. Claus is always complaining," he said. "She claims I leave my dirty clothes around the house and that I don't cleanup after myself. She also wants me to takeoff some weight."

"Meanwhile, the elves are threatening to strike, demanding higher wages and more benefits, I've already given them everything I can afford."

"Then there's global warming turning my yard into slush, and the National Rifle Association, which is demanding I give every child a gun."

"I can't take it anymore," Santa continued. "After hundreds of years in this job, I'm thinking of quitting and hanging out at the clubs in West Hollywood. Maybe I'll do some standup comedy."

"You're forgetting what you mean to people all over the world," replied Golda. "Look out the window at the crowd, everyone hoping to see you."

"The world has many problems," Golda added. "But it also has you, and in you, love and joy every holiday season. The world needs you."

"Come," said Golda, as she motioned to Santa.

Soon they were in front of the crowd, which was now many thousands of people, as the TV cameras captured the scene, and people called out to Santa.

"Thank you," and "I love you" were the words he heard most offen. "You give the world hope," said a woman in front of him. "Can we hug you," asked others, as they threw their arms around Santa.

Santa was so happy, he began ho, ho, hoeing, his laughter bringing happiness to all.

Later, when Golda walked Santa back to his sleigh, he said, "I never realized how much I mean to everyone. Now that I know, I'm not going to quit, and we'll make even more toys."

"But, Santa added with a smile, "Mrs. Claus is going to have to accept me as I am, messy and a few pounds overweight."

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