Friday, June 30, 2017

The Man Who Flew

"I don't want to live another day," said Mortie as he stepped out onto the hotel balcony, 20-stories above the city.

Then he climbed over the protective railing and fell forward. But instead of falling, he began to soar into the air.

"What's happening," he asked himself. The voice of an Angel answered, "You're flying, just as you did before you were born into your body."

"Enjoy the flight, and I will fly with you," the Angel told Mortie, as they flew above the city and along the forests and the shoreline near the city.

This was more fun than Mortie had had in a very long time, and his sorrow turned to joy, as for a time, he forgot his problems.

"Now come with me," the Angel said. "Like me, you will be invisible. There are some people I want you to see."

Suddenly, they were in the living room of Mortie's home where he saw his wife and two daughters crying over his death.

Soon they were joined by Mortie's friends and neighbors and co-workers, as people embraced, and talked about what a marvelous man he had been.

"I never realized I meant so much to people," Mortie whispered to the Angel.

"There's more," the Angel replied. The scene then became a large vacant office suite. "This is where your successful business would've been, the business you would've started next year."

"This was your dream come true, and you would've employed many people, and would've become a pillar in your community, respected by all."

"But instead, you quit on life when times got hard."

"Oh please dear Angel, give me another chance," Mortie pleaded. "I'm so sorry I quit on life, and on the people who love me."

Just then, Mortie awoke in bed next to his wife. "I've got another chance," he shouted, awakening his wife, whom he grabbed and hugged.

Mortie hugged his daughters and could hardly wait to get to his office to greet his co-workers, where he shook a lot of hands and gave many a hug.

"Life is too precious to waste," he proclaimed with his new found enthusiasm that endeared him to all.

That night he prayed to the Angel. "Soon enough, we will soar together again, but for now, I'll make the most of my opportunities, and know that my troubles are not meant to defeat me, but to help me grow."

With Love To All ~ Dick

This piece was in part inspired by the movie classic, "It's a Wonderful Life," (1946).

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