Friday, July 17, 2015

That Elusive Pot Of Gold

Freddy had a seemingly wonderful life, one with love, health and happiness that often brought him joy. But yet he wasn't satisfied.

"My life would be perfect if only I had a pot of gold," he proclaimed each night.

Then one night, an Angel replied, "Freddy, we are going to grant your wish," and as she vanished, a pot of gold shined brightly in her place.

"Oh thank you," shouted Freddy, as he ran his fingers through some of the many gold coins. "Now my life will be perfect."

The next day Freddy quit his job and bought a mansion, a yacht and a race car.

That night, he went to a fancy club and bought everyone drinks as he became the life of the party.

Soon everyone claimed to be his friend, and wanted to be with him.

"This is perfect," said Freddy.

But as time passed, Freddy realized he was desirable to everyone only as long as he spent money on them. There was no depth to any of his relationships.

Then one day the tax agency arrived. "Where did you get all this money," the tax man asked.

"An Angel gave it to me," Freddy answered. "That's impossible," said the tax man. "We're going to audit you.

"You're either a drug dealer, an arms dealer or you're doing something else illegal to have all that gold. We will prosecute you."

After the tax people left, Freddy saw there were some suspicious men in a van lurking outside his mansion."

"I'll bet they want to kidnap me for ransom," Freddy thought.

Fearful, at great cost he hired a security firm to protect him, as he realized his life was now consumed by fear.

If the tax agency didn't seize his things and have him thrown in jail, kidnappers could harm him and take his money.

That night in the dark, he pleaded to the Angel, "Please take back this pot of gold and give me back my old life. I now understand what really matters in life."

But there was only silence.

In desperation Freddy screamed, "Please, please give me back my old life!"

Suddenly, Freddy heard the words, "wake up," as his longtime girlfriend shook him awake, and put her arms around him. "You're having a nightmare."

As Freddy looked around, he recognized his apartment bedroom, and knew this whole thing had been just a nightmare.

"You won't believe what I've experienced," Freddy told her. "But I can tell you one thing for sure.

"Love, health and happiness are the real pot of gold we all seek. Anything else is just an elusion.

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