Monday, July 27, 2015

A Brief Talk With God

"Sit down my son and we will speak," said God in response to Sheldon's prayer. "I will answer your question.

"You asked why I created so many poor people. The answer is:

So that you will understand each other's difficult problems and strive to help one-another in unselfish acts of brotherhood. This is part of your growth in this life."

"But then why did you make some people so rich," asked Sheldon.

"To test them," answered God.

"I wanted to see from prior lives of financial struggle, how much they had learned and how compassionate and giving they would be to those in need.

"It turns out many of them can ignore the suffering of others, even as they had suffered in prior lives," God continued.

"So to help them see the light, I have them reborn as dogs, a supposedly lesser species.

"As dogs, they are loving and forgiving and grateful for any acts of generosity. In this process, they learn unconditional love and appreciation.

"And I have dogs sniff each other's rear ends, for nothing teaches humility like the loving acceptance of the least desirable but necessary function of any species.

"This is the cycle of life Sheldon, as I take the steps to ensure the growth of each of my creations, making them loving, forgiving and compassionate beings.


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