Monday, November 16, 2015

A Lesson For An Out Of Shape Butterfly

"Oh boy," gasped Oscar, a golden Monarch Butterfly, as he landed with a thud on the leave of a bright green shrub in my backyard.

"I've gotta get in better shape," he said, barely able to speak as he tried to catch his breath.

"It's not hard to get in shape Oscar," I replied.

"Just a few minutes each day doing things you love, such as flying around my yard would make a big difference for you."

"If you were a person, I'd encourage you to walk around at various times of the day. As a butterfly, just flit around the yard during the day."

"Feel the sunshine and breath the fresh air."

"Okay," said Oscar. "I don't want Mrs. Oscar to get mad at me for not taking better care of myself."

And he added, "I was barely able to fly above that rose bush so I could land on this shrub. The last thing I need is for a rose bush thorn to stick me in the butt."

"Sounds good Oscar," I cheerfully answered. "You're ready to strive for good health."

"You're right," he replied. "I'll start tomorrow. In the meantime, what's for lunch?"


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