Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dancing In The Light Of Darkness

For 10 year old Aaron, life was often a struggle.

His parents were divorced and he lived with his mother, whose job paid for their small apartment and put food on the table.

Aaron was short and skinny, and with his lack of self-confidence, sometimes stuttered.

The bullies laughed at him and picked on him. 

He had no friends, but he did have a teacher who cared for him, and began to protect him from the bullies, as she was alert to what was going on with Aaron.

This compassionate teacher, 50 year old Mrs. Windom had never had children of her own and treated her students as her children, particularly those most in need of love and attention.

She often helped Aaron with his homework, and told him that some day he would be a wise man, loved and respected by all, words of assurance he desperately needed to hear.

For Aaron, she was the light in the darkness that was his life, and his spirit danced in her warmth.

When the school year ended, Mrs. Windom gave Aaron excellent grades and as he left grade school for junior high school, she directed him to a school other than the one the bullies attended.

"Aaron, you can always come to me whenever you want to talk," she told him. "I'm always here for you."

In the years that followed, Aaron sometimes did visit Mrs. Windom and she tutored him, advised him on his girl problems and eventually helped him select the college that was right for him.

Aaron graduated at the top of his class.

But the years flew by as time always does and when Mrs. Windom reached the age of 75, and with some serious health issues, she decided to retire.

Because she was one of the most popular teachers, the school hosted her retirement party and the turnout was huge, as her former students and fellow teachers filled the stands in the gymnasium.

The prominent guest speaker was a cardiologist, one of the best known heart doctors in the nation. Everyone called him "Dr. Aaron," and loved and respected him.

After telling the story of how Mrs. Windom rescued him those many years ago. Aaron turned to her with tears in his eyes.

He said, "Because of you, I was able to dance in the light of darkness that was my life."

"Now from your serious health issues, Mrs. Windom you need help, and I have the medical knowledge to help you."

"It will be my honor to rescue you as you rescued me so many years ago. I will light the darkness that otherwise would have been your life, and bring you all the happiness you deserve."

The title of this piece came in inspiration overnight on 10/22/15.

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