Saturday, November 28, 2015

Learning Black From White

"We can't hang out with him," said William, a white butterfly as he motioned with his wing at a black butterfly that was flying around my backyard.

"Why," I asked William.

"Because he's black," whispered William. "I don't trust him."

"Why don't you trust him," I asked.

"You know how black butterflies are," William replied. "They're no good."

"But aside from wing color, he looks just like you," I said. "And he does the same things you do."

"What makes him no good?"

"You know," replied William, now growing angry. "I don't," I answered. "Help me understand."

But William couldn't find the words and sat there frustrated and quiet.

Just then the black butterfly landed on my shoulder. Speaking to William and me he said, "Hi, my name is George."

"I'm Dick," I replied. "And this is William."

"I like your yard," said George. "You have lots of flowers. And there is plenty of room for all of us butterflies."

"You're right George," I answered with a smile. "There is plenty of room for us all."

"Nice meeting you guys," said George as he began to fly off. "I'll let my family know we are welcome here."

"Now look what you did," sad Wlllam, as George flew away. "There goes the yard. Soon there will be a lot of black butterflies around here."

"That may be," I told William. "But never will I make any butterfly unwelcome because of the color of his wings."

"Times are changing William and there are many butterflies that will welcome George and his family here."

"I hope you will be one of them, for with an open mind and an open heart, you will discover that good butterflies come in all colors."


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