Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Magical Music Shop

Once there was a music shop, one that offered musical instruments, records and colorful music boxes all presented by a husband and wife that loved people.

Their shop was an oasis from all of life's stresses and everyone was welcome, whether they bought anything or not.

But Sunday afternoon was the most special of all times, because that was when the shop closed for business and opened its doors to entertain everyone.

The musical instruments were moved aside, and comfortable chairs were setup, along with tables filled with tasty refreshments.

Then a DJ would play musical requests, and even a little space was set aside for dancing for those who felt the urge.

As word spread, many people came each Sunday afternoon for fun and for good company, all free of charge. This music shop was magical, a piece of heaven.

But then one day everything changed.

After many years in business, the mom and pop owners of the music shop had grown very old, and knew it was time for them to retire.

They sought a buyer for their music shop, yet the only buyers that appeared wanted to turn the shop into a bank, one that would operate to make the most money it could.

"Where is the humanity," the shop's Sunday afternoon people asked. "Where will be the magic that made the music shop special?"

"Not from us," answered the bankers. "If it doesn't make money we won't do it."

On the highly publicized day the construction crew arrived to convert the music shop to a bank, mom and pop stood before the crowd that had gathered, many of them with tears in their eyes.

"This is just goodbye for now," pop said, as a tear trickled down his cheek. "Yes," said mom. "One day someone else will open a music shop and it too will become magical.

"The reason is music is the universal language. It needs no translation and it is welcomed everywhere."

"So is kindness," added pop. "Among you or your family and friends will be someone with the vision and compassion to offer what you all treasure, the joy of music and the wealth of kindness."

And as everyone embraced in hugs and said their goodbyes, a voice was heard among them, saying, "I can't do this now because of my obligations, but one day I will open a music shop and it too will become magical.

"For this is what the world needs and I intend to provide it."

This piece was partly inspired by a former Los Angeles area music shop which had its own Sunday afternoon magic.
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