Monday, September 21, 2015

The Richest Person

"I am the richest person," Saul often proclaimed, "For I have far more gold than anyone else!"

But then one day, a group of scientists created a duplicate of gold, one exactly the same as what had been real gold.

Soon that artificial gold turned up everywhere as everyone wanted all the wealth gold could bring.

But as gold was everywhere and in great supply, it lost most of its value.

"If gold is the measurement of who you are," Saul's friends said to him, "Then who are you now?"

"I don't know," Saul sadly replied. "For only in the wealth of gold did I have an identity."

A month passed and no-one saw Saul as he seemed to have withdrawn from the world.

But when he returned, it was with the brightest glow.

"From now on," proclaimed Saul, "I'm going to be the greatest friend anyone could ever have, for real wealth is measured not in gold but in treasures of the heart.

"Treasures of the heart can never be duplicated, nor will there ever be enough of it in the world, for it is what people truly value."

And it came to pass that Saul became the greatest of all friends, giving from his heart, and finding the happiness that he had never found in gold.

For as he discovered, a person rich in friends is a person rich indeed.

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